writes cramp as the name suggest is something to do with writing . In this diseases when a person attemts to writes or other fine hand function such playing a musical instrument, the hand and finger muscles contact or extend halting the action or causing the abnormal posture of hand or wrist. Patient adopt a particular posture to overcome the defect . some patient notice that the hand freezes during an attempt to move across the page and describe the hand as having "a mind of its own." As soon as the writing instrument is removed from the hand the muscle relax.this diseases may start at any age.At this time Symptoms may be of discomfort in writing or the patient start taking much time for agiven paragraph. A the diseases advances the condition of patient gets worse. In writers cramp abnormal posturing of the hand and forearm occurs. After Some time, abnormal posturing occurs during other task such as applying cosmetics,shaving or using table cutlery. In this diseases patient learn to use the other hand for these task.but after few months he feels the same problem in other hand also . These task specific muscular contractions which produce abnormal posture can be found in barbers,tailors,violinist and person doing work with telegraph or computer key boards.the strength of hand and fingers remain same and patient can do all other work as before.According to recent work this disease is due to abnormal processing ofsensory input from the affected extremity during the work in basal ganglia (a part of brain responsible for co-ordinated and harmonious working of all organs of body during fine work such as writing etc.) In Write's Cramp basal ganglion gets affected and muscles of hand which is responsible for writing get contracted instead of relaxing.similar contractions can occur at other sites. eg. Face, Tongue, Neck etc. this is called "focal dystonia/occupational dystonia".

By: Dr. Jitendra Shukla M. D.,M. phil(Homeopathic,Physician & Consultant)

Symptoms of Writer's Cramp:

1. Difficulty in writing due to tremor/cramp/discomfort in hand and fore-arm.

2. Tremor Shaking Of Hand during writing/holding pen.
3. Writing becomes distored and untidy after a few sentences.
4. Abnormal posture of finger /thumb /wrist/hand during writing.
5. Difficulty in writing fast/hand freezes during writing.
6. During writing holding pen/pencil tightly to avoid falling during writing(grip poor).
7. These above symptoms get aggravated by anxiety,excitement,anger and before strangers.
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